Saturday, September 10, 2011


I'm going crazy here!! Usually, I have a bookshelf here at my dorm, but the person I gave it to for safekeeping over the summer accidentally broke it and then threw it out.... So now I'm bereft of a bookshelf and it's making me sad! :(

It kills me to have my books sitting in boxes at home (I only brought a handful with me to school since I have nowhere to put them). I also would like to start doing some "Off The Shelf" giveaways to make room for new books, but I can't do that until my currect collection is organized and accessible.  

So I'm asking you guys to help me out if you can by suggesting some sites where I could purchase a reasonably priced bookshelf - if you know of any sites, that is. I've been checking a few places but I haven't been able to find a bookshelf that I really like; I've only encountered cheap-o looking ones that seem overpriced. 

Grazie a tutti per l'aiuta! :)
(& for those of you who don't speak Italian, that means "Thanks for all your help")

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