Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kiss Me Deadly - Review

Title: Kiss Me Deadly
Author: Michele Hauf
Official Blurb:
Death cocktail is what the vampires call a witch's blood. It's poisonous--a drop will destroy a vampire within minutes. Nikolaus Drake is the rare vampire who has survived his first taste. Now he's on the hunt for the witch who almost brought him to his demise--Ravin Crosse.
A witch who spends her nights hunting vampire tribes, Ravin has three obligations to fulfill to set her soul free. One of those obligations--crafting a love spell--twists her world upside down when Nikolaus draws the spell from her veins. Natural enemies rarely make the best bedfellows--but is it possible their intentions are really, truly the same? Can Nikolaus's tribal loyalty survive if he surrenders to desires far darker than his own?
My Rating: 3/5 stars ★★★

My Review: I definitely enjoyed Hauf's added twist to the "typical" vampire story: witches' blood as being poisonous to vampires; however, I thought the beginning of the book lacked action ....it was a little too generic romance novel-y for my taste (in the sense that it was almost completely sex scenes, Ravin and Nikolaus were the only characters for several chapters, and the setting was almost entirely in Ravin's house.). As the book progressed, the plot did get more complex, and overall I would recommend the book for those who like paranormal romance.
        Apparently this is the second book in a series, which I did not realize until after I finished reading it (I received this one as a free e-book for my nook), but I didn't find that I was confused or missing information that might have been in the first book.

Warnings: sex/adult content; violence

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