Monday, October 24, 2011

To Know What Love Is

I don't know why
it happened.
I don't know when
it happened.

But it did.

So here I am:

what now?

the way you used to look at me,
a look I haven't seen in weeks.

The way you used to hold me at night:
possessive,tender, connected.
Now we lie as two separate entities
confined to one space.

Tears streaming down my face.
Knowing I can't change the present
but still wanting to relive the past,
the happy days.

So where is my best friend now?

He does not exist.

Somewhere along the progression of time
he died.
Reborn, this infant a complete stranger to me.

To know what love is
is also to know what love is not

And this,
this is not love.
Not anymore.

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