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Hello there fellow bookworms! The name's Alyssa. I live in New York City and am a first year graduate student of TESOL education (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), as well as a proud bookaholic. I love reading in my spare time (which I usually don't have much of due to school and such.... but obviously that doesn't stop me!) and wish that I had the talent to be a writer, but writing and I don't mix particularly well... which is actually kind of ironic seeing as I work part time as a peer-tutor in writing. My favorite genres are fantasy, paranormal, and science-fiction; however, I'll read almost anything that looks interesting or catches my eye. Other things I enjoy besides reading include but are not limited to: Nutella, puppies, reality TV, and colorful scarves. I created The Babbling Bookworm in order to share my passion for reading with the rest of the awesome book-blogging community. 

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