Monday, February 7, 2011

Behind the Blog (#1)

Rie from Mission to Read

I started my blog in December of 2010 after finding that I could never keep track of what I read and whether I liked it or not. I have been in the reading/writing community for years though as I am aspiring writer. I've had to let writing take a back-burner while I'm attending college, but I still find time to read. Priorities, I suppose. I was also struggling to find anything to read. As crazy as that seems now. My must read list is overflowing with things I want to read and my bedside is a jungle of books that I must get through to get to bed. Did I mention I'm just a bit messy? Clutter is good.
Genres reviewed on her blog: YA, Paranormal & Fantasy

  • If you were a Crayola Crayon, which color do you think you would be? Why?
"If I was a color I’d be aquamarine; it’s bright and cheerful, but you can sense a current of change. Like the sea flowing out with the bad and bringing in the fresh."

  • What is your all-time favorite food?
"Spaghetti and fajitas, including Chipotle burritos. I like carbs. Fattening delicious carbs. Plus spaghetti, one of the easiest things to make."

  • If you were an animal, which animal would you be?
"Wolf or a horse. Two very mystical beings. They’re powerful. Often loners, and always beautiful."

  • Do you have any pets? …Care to share a picture with us?
"I have a beautiful if mischievous pup, Chloe."
a picture of Chloe :)

  • Do you have any weird reading habits? 
"The only place I can read is while lying down. It doesn’t matter where, but sitting up equals not being able to fully submerse myself in a book."

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