Tuesday, January 25, 2011

more Italian madness.

I  just discovered (&fell in love with the covers for) the Italian editions of Shiver and Linger [which is titled “Deeper” – funny story about that actually, read it HERE] by Maggie Stiefvater. *sigh* These are definitely getting added to the ‘Italian books I would loveeee to get my hands on, but most likely never will because life is cruel and God forbid any bookseller makes these editions accessible to US citizens’ list.

Look at these covers! soooo pretty!!I love the minimalist-ness of them (I'm posting this at a kind-of-very-early-in-the-morning time when I should be sleeping, so I'm not capable of expressing myself in a professional & eloquent manner)


  1. I do love these covers. I think it's unfair when other editions have beautiful covers and it's hard to get a hold of them.

  2. It's also lovely. At least better than the Indonesian cover


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